Aleatory Films was setup in January 2011 by Luke de Lacey.
Luke received a scholarship to study acting for 3 years at the Central School Of Speech And Drama. He has almost twenty years experience in TV and film as an actor; working alongside some of the finest actors, such as Dennis Hopper & Michael Gambon, and has worked with great directors such as Stephen Daldry & Nic Roeg.
Luke is also a professionally qualified Krav Maga Global Instructor and teaches weekly in West London for Total Krav Maga
Luke has written & directed three short films:
Wedding Cake (2011)
Balaclava (2011)
Stitched (2012)
Breaking the Eye (Currently filming 2016)
This is Aleatory Films first feature and is currently in production.
Stitched  (Short)

Luke’s third film was Produced by The Runaway Factory. The story is a dark and twisted tale, in the vein of Roald Dahl, about a grandmother longing to be young again and who uses her granddaughter to fulfil her wish.


Balaclava (Short), Completed July 2011

Balaclava is a 20 minute film, the second of three films written & directed by Luke de Lacey. The film is a black comedy about trust and second chances. A gambler risks what he loves the most to win back his self esteem. The budget was less than £50 and filmed on 12 locations in 3 days with just Luke on crew. Read more and view the film

Wedding Cake (Short), Completed April 2011

Luke’s first short film. The budget was less than £50. The film is about love and friendship, and how the heart has a space large enough to fit more than one person. Read more and view the film